• Attachment
  • Adults
  • Anxiety and stress
  • Adjustment/Life transitions
  • Interpersonal relationships
  • Gottman Level 1
  • Prepare/Enrich

Mariah seeks to understand the struggle of clients and lead them to healthy solutions and understanding. Whether you are exploring parent-child relationship wounds or day to day anxiety and stresses or are creating new long-lasting coping skills to replace maladaptive habits created for survival; she hopes to provide guidance for self-understanding, create a context for present struggles, and impact the future with a fresh perspective. The goal is to provide an integrated wholeness of self and facilitate wholeness with loved ones, community, and others.

She uses an Adlerian perspective to guide her work in depression, anxiety and past parent-child issue. Through this perspective past family-experiences are used to give context and shed light on present issues. By using interventions like analogies, education, and talk-therapy; she leads clients to alternate perspectives and development of fresh coping skills.

Mariah wants her clients to know that “You, the client, are the expert in your life. I want to be invited to walk with you. I understand that sharing your story, your life experiences, and struggles with a stranger isn’t easy. I respect and honor this. As we work together, I want to share with you ways to function well; I also want to learn from you”